Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Somerset House

Wool House Exhibition

- It's all for a wooly good cause -

The more fashion-conscious sheep greet you at the door!

Sheep are from a farm in the Cotswolds - breeds are a mix of: Kerry Hill, Lleyn and Cotswold. 

Left - Mammoth Wool Chair upholstered by Amy Somerville
Right - Metal Sheep & Lamb by Harriet Mead

Impeccably dressed gentleman, David Hevans & fellow blogger - greyfoxblog.com 

The Savile Row Room

Edward Sexton - Replica of Mick and Bianca Jagger's Wedding Suits

Left - Union Jack Chairs, Melanie Porter - Bag, Krafthaus South Africa  
Right - Original British Battledress Jacket

Holland Esquire - Tailored by Nick Holland 

Holland Esquire - Tailored by Nick Holland

The 'Natural Room' designed by Josephine Ryan with the help of many suppliers

 The 'Drawing Room' designed by Fox Linton Associates with the help of many suppliers

A few days ago I visited the Wool House exhibition supported by The Campaign for Wool at Somerset House and I was amazed at just how V.E.R.S.A.T.I.L.E wool really is. The campaign was launched by Prince Charles in 2010 and aims to prevent any more decline in the worldwide population of sheep. This will be  achieved through educating us lovely people about how fabulous this sustainable, renewable and natural material actually is. The exhibition is the biggest I have ever seen at Somerset House, featuring everything from Vivienne Westwood platforms and Alexander McQueen wallhangings to beautifully designed rooms.  

The exhibition is fun, informative and for a great cause. So if you have some spare time in this wonderful city of London you should go along before it's over on 24th March! Oh and be sure to check out the events calendar HERE.  

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